Kids Should be kids

“I set up the Kids Should be Kids website to supply stylish Scandinavian-designed children’s clothes to mums who like fresh, practical and funky outfits for their kids. I developed the site from scratch and, like all start ups, had to deal with key issues such as cash flow, marketing and increasing my web presence. MRE Unlocking Enterprise put me in touch with my mentor, Nick, as a ‘listening ear’, providing objective comment and insight across my business. He’s great at using his own experience and networks to guide me to helpful sources of advice - without taking over. Read more about Kids Should be kids


Do you need to be on-line?  For a quick informal chat get in touch, Building your webpresence from websites to social media.  Training and mentoring of small business owners to build their on-line reputation with a minimum of time.  IlluminateICT - Casting light on the world of computers and the internet. Read more about IlluminateICT

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