Business services

We offer bespoke services for business to improve effectiveness of the organisation as a whole or of the management and leadership.

MRE Unlocking Enterprise (MRE) is a community interest company offering businesses across all sectors support, advice, development and practical services in starting, running and building their business.

We have a happy and diverse team who bring a vast range of skills and experience; we enjoy working with each other and love helping our clients to make their organisations work more effectively.  All of our team have wide business experience and, working across England, the range of our work and our observation of how others work brings a rich resource to our clients.

The MRE team:

  • Are a source of expert enterprise knowledge and experience to organisations across all sectors
  • Provide high quality enterprise advice and support at every stage of the business process
  • Provide consultancy support to public, private and third sector organisations for planning, implementing, monitoring and evaluating specific projects and programmes
  • Provide training, coaching and mentoring to ethical and charitable organisations, micro and small businesses and to individuals to the highest standards
  • Offer ‘back-room’ services to assist with the day-to-day running of social businesses
  • Provide initial consultations and mentoring sessions to many small organisations on a pro-bono basis
  • Take a collaborative approach, that involves working closely with clients and their management and staff teams towards shared objectives
  • Act as a voice of ethical, social and community organisations at a national and local level.