About us

MRE Unlocking Enterprise is a community interest company offering ethical businesses across sectors support, advice, development and practical services in starting, running and building their business.

We have a happy and diverse team who bring a vast range of skills and experience and enjoy working with each other and our clients to make things work more effectively, Working across the West Midlands the range of our work and experience and observations of seeing how others work brings a rich resource to our clients.  

We are expanding our team of advisers to enhance the team's offer to clients.

Our vision is a society in which there is a strong social enterprise community, based on genuine, ethical principles.

We work towards our vision by creating a supportive network of social enterprises in Hereford, Worcester, Shropshire and the West Midlands, which can be replicated across the UK, by:-

Acting as a source of expert enterprise knowledge and experience to ethical organisations across the sectors
Providing high quality enterprise advice and support at every stage of the business process
Training, coaching and mentoring ethical organisations and individuals to the highest standards
Offering ‘back-room’ services to assist with the day-to-day running of social businesses
Providing initial consultations and mentoring sessions to ethical organisations on a pro-bono basis
Acting as the voice of ethical, social and community organisations at a national and local level.

We offer innovative and flexible support tailored to your business goals and community of interest.

We work with you at individual stages or throughout the life of your business, whenever you need us. We’re all experienced in business – so we know how to help