Half of charities (50%) don’t have a digital strategy

A new report published by Skills Platform http://report.skillsplatform.org/charitydigitalreportdetail/ makes interesting, if not surprising reading regarding an important aspect for charities and social enterprise development and sustainability.

I have recently worked on some organisational strengths reviews linked to the Big Lottery’s Reaching Communities fund.  The capability aspect has funded an objective view of an organisations strengths and areas for improvements.  Both recent cases have shown in practice what the report highlights which is that the biggest barriers to increased use of digital tools is skills 57% and funding 52%. According to this survey, 68% of charities also recognise that in ten years’ time the sector will change to a great extent.

There is good understanding that digital skills would help to increase fundraising, grow their networks and deliver strategy more effectively, yet there are only around 50% of charities with a digital strategy.

Clearly there is a good deal of work to be done here, to prevent our valuable social sector sleep walking into the future without understanding and plans to think about how to grow and thrive sustainably whilst taking advantage of all that digital has to offer them.

I would urge anyone who heads up this type of organisation to think about having a strengths review with some emphasis on digital, which they then follow up with an independent view from a digital specialist who can help them look at their options and longer term plans. Email me to arrange a confidential discussion about strategic or digital reviews with MRE specialists.